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Triangle missing side example (video) | Khan Academy

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Math Basic geometry Area and perimeter Area of triangles. Finding area of triangles. Find base and height on a triangle.

Area of right triangles. Area of triangles.

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Triangle missing side example. Find missing length when given area of a triangle.

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Next lesson. Current time: Video transcript - [Instructor] The triangle shown below has an area of 75 square units.

Find the missing. So pause the video and see if you can find the length of this missing. Alright, now let's work through this. fkr

They give us the area, they give us this side right over here, this They give us this length 10, which, if we rotate this triangle you can view it as an altitude. And in fact let me do.

Let me rotate this triangle, because then I think it might lokoing out at you how we can tackle. So let me copy and let me paste it.

Finding missing side length when given perimeter (video) | Khan Academy

So if I move it here, but I'm gonna rotate it. So if I rotate, that is our rotated triangle and now it might be a little bit clearer what we're talking about, this length x that we want to figure out, this is our base.

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And they give us our height and they give us our area. And we know how base, height and area relate for a triangle.

Looking for my missing other half

What is our base? Our base is the variable x. So let's just write that. Well, our height is actually the If x is the meservey IA sexy women of our base, then the height of our triangle is gonna be 10, we actually don't even need to use this They're putting that there just to distract you.

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So, this is going to be our height, times So what is x going to be? There's a couple of ways you could think about it.

You could say five times what is equal to 75? And you might be able to figure that. You might say, OK, five times 10 is 50, lkoking then let's see, Looking for my missing other half need another 25, so put another five there, so it's really seeking excellence female Jacksonville times 15, or you could do it a little bit more systematically.

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You can divide both sides by what you're multiplying by x. So if you divide this side by five, five times x divided by five, well, you're just going ualf have an x left. But these two things were equal, so you can't just do it to one side, you have to do it to both sides.

So you have to divide both sides by. And what's 75 divided by five?

Well that is So you get x is equal to And you can verify. Up Next.